Way3.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Extreme Leverage LLC.

Since our inception in May of 2002, Extreme Leverage has been dedicated to providing its customers with the BEST customer service, the highest quality products, at the BEST pricing available. By dedicating ourselves to providing these qualities, we know we will win you as a lifetime customer. Originally started as a ‘reseller’ account on a shared server, Extreme Leverage quickly outgrew the ‘reseller’ account. We had to decide what was next. We took a strong look at hosting in its entirety and concluded there were issues which needed to be addressed to maintain client satisfaction. We discovered so many unhappy, nightmarish hosting stories, that we felt compelled to create a company that focused completely on our clients and their needs for a complete hosting solution. It was then decided to further expand our business and add additional offerings, including Virtual, VPS, and Dedicated accounts. And, we needed a new website! Way3.com was born!

With Way3.com, you can sleep at night, knowing there are technically savvy people watching over your equipment. Our hardware purchases come from the leading manufacturers, after considerable research into their specs. We pay as much attention to the software we offer, so that your Internet business thrives and stays secure. Security is our number one priority, as is uptime. We want you to be comfortable with top of the line equipment and software programs, which is the reason we spend much time seeking the best of the best.

We believe in establishing a trusting relationship with those who host with us. Our support is ongoing and our team gives real answers in a timely manner. We are committed to going beyond the call of duty to keep our customers happy. It is imperative that your web site uptime is constant and consistent, three hundred sixty-five days a year. No client will ever be ignored. That is our guarantee; along with making sure each issue is addressed and solved, quickly and efficiently.

Our hosting is ideal for both start up companies and large businesses. We design your hosting package to grow with you. Since we take care of the infrastructure, providing redundancy, security, data transfer speed, you have time to focus on your business.

Cost is always a factor when shopping for a host. We have set our prices for your comfort. It is not enough to give you the best of the best in equipment and service. Pricing is the bottom line for many consumers. When we quote your price for the equipment and software you require, you will be pleased to see our costs are in line with affordability and value. As a potential client, we want your business. We are not here to break your bank. We want your bank account to grow as your business grows.

All we ask is that if ever you feel you have a concern about our products or services, please let us know. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! We are here for you!